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Thursday, December 19, 2013

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Now That You Believe

In our bible lesson every week I learn many things in the bible. Some of the essential truths on how we live our lives, understand scripture and interact with God, will be emphasized as we discover God's amazing love, and how that love has brought us forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation with our Holy God. Understand what it means to describe God's love as complete, unconditional, unmerited, unchanging, personal, and radically life changing. Recognized areas where you have believed something false about God as the eternal Lover of your soul. Evaluate areas in which you've falsely tried to gain or earn more of God's love. Recognized times you've doubted God's complete, unconditional love. Read Romans 5: 1-10.

One of the most difficult things to accept when we first come to know the Lord Jesus Christ is that God loves us just as we are. We humans have tendency to strive to ''deserve'' what we have. Monetary wealth, loving families, solid careers... these are the things that we strive to earn. God's love, however, can never be earned by human effort. There is absolutely nothing that we can do to make God love us, or to make him love us more. (Romans 5:8) You may understand this intellectually, but have trouble believing it deep down in your heart. Sometimes we don't even realize our struggle to fully believe in God's free, unchanging love.

Have you ever tried to make God love you more by serving Him in some way or by striving to live a ''better'' life? Asking God for personal insight, list two ways you have tried to earn more of God's favor.

No matter what your past has dictated or what you feel right now, God's love has always been freely given to you. God pours His love upon us with no exceptions-no ifs, ands, or buts. My Christian friend, God did not begin to love you at the moment you invited Him into your life. He did not begin to love you when you first started going to church. He did not begin to love you when you rose from the baptismal waters. In truth, God never ''began'' to love you at all; He simply always has. From the creation of the world, God knew you and loved you. ( 1 Jhon 4: 19; Psalm 139:13)

A foundational truth in exploring this aspect of God's character is that His love never wavers one degree to the left or right. It is always exactly the same, never changing, for all eternity. (1 Jhon 4: 16-17)

This may be shocking news for you. Have you ever been so remorseful for something you have done that you honestly believed that it made God love you less?

Try to write about a particular experience you had when you felt as though God could love you less because of something you did or said. What happened, and how did you feel?

Most of us have had this fear at one point. No matter how we've felt before, however, we have the assurance of Scripture that God's love does not change. He loves us no matter what we may do. In fact, He was well aware of our sinfulness from the beginning. As we investigate God's love, let us honestly examine the way in which He sees us.


Friday, December 13, 2013

How To Reduce Stress

I got interested upon reading this 10 tips on how to reduce holiday stress from my health magazine that I bought last year. That's why I decided to share this tips to all my friends in blogging. I hope it can help you reduce stress and enjoy the life better.
1. Get organized- create a checklist and prioritize items in a way that will go you the most time with family and friends.
2. Bye Caffeine- limiting your intake of caffeine, sugar and alcohol will improve your physical response to stress, anxiety and restlessness. Take opportunity to enjoy other yummy treats like eggnog and sider but don't forget to keep drinking water.
3. Say hello to supplements- keep your immune system strong with ginseng, royal jelly and Echinacea in the weeks leading up to the holidays.
4. Just say no- learn to pass on extraneous responsibilities, the added stress will only make you feel like your being pulled in different directions.
5. Schedule some zzz's - try to fit in extra sleep and short naps whenever possible to keep your energy flowing. Sometimes 15 minutes will do.
6. Thank you- expressing gratitude in little ways like personalizing greeting cards will give you time to think about those that you care for the most and be thankful for both the good and the bad experiences that made life interesting this past year.
7. Catch 5 - take 5 minutes out of your day and practice deep belly breathing. This will calm your nervous system and keep focused throughout the day. When possible add some music and light candles for better ambiance.
8. Walk it off- grab some outdoor gear and take a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes to work of stress. Other good stress busters include gym, swimming, dancing and sports.
9. Pick your parties wisely- get a calendar and list all your party invites against your to do list and attend accordingly. this will prevent you from feeling pulled in all directions and you'll actually look forward to the get together.
10. Get Pampered- book a facial, take a bath, get a pedicure or whatever it is that relaxes you. The holidays are a great time to reward yourself for all the work done throughout the year.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Eat Nutritious Foods

I feel sad when I learned that my friend's mother has osteoporosis. She is already 70 years old and live in her daughter's house. The doctor advise her to eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables that provides calcium and vitamin D. It can help her to have a strong bones and healthy. Regular exercise is also advisable for her like walking, jogging a little bit, stair climbing and many others. Be sure to quit smoking and don't drink alcoholic drinks.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Shopping Time

Weather was so nice yesterday so my sister and I went to the other city. We spent half day to Toronto just shopping and strolling around the city. I felt so happy and was tired when we arrived home. But even though I'm tired I need to open my computer and do all my assignments here. Thanks to God my weekend was so colorful and awesome.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

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