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Sunday, September 30, 2007


I was once an ordinary citizen of the Philippines. When I was young I had only very simple dream. To finish my studies, get a permanent job before getting married. I courageously attended classes until I finished Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) @ Bukidnon State College. I took a teacher's board exam, one of the requirement to enter a government service and praise God I passed the board exam. I worked as a public school teacher, handling grade six pupils. I got married to my college boyfriend Joel, also a teacher. We're blessed with one handsome son name Jayvees Dale. Even though I got a descent job in the Philippines for 11 yrs but it's not enough to live a descent life. That's why I decided to go Canada to sake a greener pasture. Now I'm here in Ontario and still adjusting to my new environment which very different to my homeland Philippines.



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