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Monday, March 31, 2008

I Signed Up For PPP

Most of my friends in the internet are fun of blogging. During my first encountered in blogging I thought it was just for fun and nothing more important. I ask my friends about why they always update their blog and make it more interesting every now and then. One of them shared that blogging is not a joke but its a serious matter because by doing it you can earn extra income.

When I learned that making blog can earn extra income. I got interested and became active to update my blog. I research on how to do it until such time I encountered for the first time the popular payperpost. As I learned about payperpost I applied it immediately. Honestly I waited for a long time before it was approved. At last it was approve last week and I already make one post of it. It is very important for us to follow their blog ethics also.

Now I'm proud to say that I can earn a lot of money in my blog with the help of the this payperpost. I'm so thankful to payperpost that they give great opportunity to every who wants to have an extra income for their selves even they are staying in their respective residence. Be a member of payperpost now then follow the blog ethics and you will enjoy doing it.


Bread for You

A cheesy garlic bread prepared by my sister during his hubby's birthday last week.


Best Hotels

If you are planning to travel to enjoy and relax from heavy works spring time is a great idea. Roaming to a famous place where there are lots of spectacular views, beautiful sceneries, great attractions, wonderful things around and very popular place that are exciting to experience. You can have a perfect vacation at Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Rome you chose the right place to stay. Sometimes we had a hard time of getting a reservation of hotel rooms at Amsterdam. There are many hotels available but you need to try Barcelona hotels. If you love to experience Prague hotels, its a perfect hotel to stay. Try also the best London hotels its popular and very affordable. Dublin hotels is great for you to stay for a long vacation. I'm sure if you try New York hotels you really love it. And the best wonderful hotel that you can save money is Rome hotels. To make it easy for a reservation visit, a booking agency in the different hotels in Amsterdam that offers up to 75% discount in every hotel rooms and reservation is free. You can also save money because every room they sell is discounted. Now its your time to experience the best sceneries of the said place, a place where famous painter live a very interesting place in the world.


Love Circle of Friends Award

Thanks to my sweet friend Lira for this love circle of friends award.

It is my joy in life to find what we call "circle of friends". To laugh a bit, to love a bit, scold a bit and joke a bit and have a helping hand. A friend to share in times of loneliness and sadness. To have a friend and be a friend can makes life worthwhile.

I am now forwarding this circle of friends award to


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blackhawk Holsters

If you are a military personnel, security professionals and police officers and looking an item that suits your work I can guide you to a perfect site. If you want to buy an item that suits your adventure in both casual and ragged attire you can now visit You can select many best items such as pants, jacket, shoes, flashlight, bags, sunglasses, caps, sportswear, tactical uniforms, police equipment, police gear and most especially Blackhawk holsters. Transactions online are safe and secured. They are using industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to secured information. All credit card information is automatically encrypted. If you transact business at be now a part of best police gear item and enjoy their products.


Pumpkin Pie


Friday, March 28, 2008

Boat Donations at

Charity is one of the great value we need to possess. To help others is also God's commandment. Now if you have some items that no longer needed in your possession such as boat, vessel or yachts, you can donate boats to It's the best charity that accept boat donations even if its not in running condition at no cost. Just say donate my boat to charity and God will be happy. Your donation is a great help to a medical mission and other charitable institution that continue bringing hope, healing and comfort to the most in need.


So Delicious

Another delicious recipe during the birthday of my sister's hubby. My sister cooked this because this is the favorite desert of her friends and I like this food also its delicious. This is not common for me but i like it very much and I need to know how to cook it too. Recipe will be type later...


Digxa Shopping Comparison Mall

We are fun of collecting things for personal use in our home. I myself loves collecting different kinds of high quality products. We are looking items that suit and best for our daily use. Usually we went to different store online to look for the item we want. We are using our extra time to shop online but sometimes we have only limited time to search store to store to find the item that fit our choice. This process is tedious and very time consuming.

To make your shopping online very easy try to visit It's a perfect shopping comparison site to all shoppers. You can select the best items of electronics you want like Futons furnitures, Canon digital cameras, Nokia cellphones, Plasma televisions, Citizens watches, comforters, cute handbags, men's shoes, women's shoes and many more. What I love most here are jewelries like diamond rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and their cute Toshiba Satellite x205 Series PC Notebook. They surely help consumers to shop different products at one time in several stores. In this processes the consumers feel it easy and pleasant. So, what are you waiting for try to shop at for accurate and reliable site. Come now and be hurry.


So Yummy

Last week was the birthday party of my sister's hubby. She cooked a lot of recipe mostly are Canadian dishes for their visitors. Just take a look at this picture, the food is so yummy and very delicious. This food is the best Canadian food I ever and all visitors love it especially her grandmother and grandfather. Because of the foods the party became more happy and jolly.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cooking School

My mother taught me some of her expertise in cooking and she allowed me to accompany her every time she was hired as a cook by our neighbor. But as I grew up I felt I want to be in a chef school in order to learn a lot of things about cooking. I had planned before to enroll in a culinary schools but I didn't had a chance to do it because of the limited school at that time in our place. Thats why I only depend on recipe books available. But today its a great news for those cooking enthusiast because the culinary school are school serving your career. For more information visit at and enroll now.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

At Last...

After all the sacrifices, efforts and struggles at last my only son was graduated his elementary education yesterday afternoon. I'm so happy that my son achieved the first rung in the ladder of success. I know that this is not the end to all his endeavors not as the last milestone on the long road to success and happiness but it is the beginning of greater things. This is the stepping stone to the greater and bigger achievements in life. I'm so happy to say congratulation son and enjoy your summer vacation.
The mixed feelings of the graduates. They felt that this is the last moment they stayed together as classmates and friends. After this graduation they are parting each other to different destinations for the next level of their education.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Bad Credit Loans And Credit Cards

Are you suffered from bad credit rating? Well, having a bad credit doesn't mean that you have no chance to apply credit online again. Don't worry will help you fix with regards to your bad credit problems. It's a great opportunity to all consumers who experienced bad credit difficulties in the past due to unexpected circumstances. They are very willing to give a helping hand and find a good solution to rebuild, credit repair and start to establish a good credit rating. They offer credit cards even if you have a bad credit history. We all know that credit cards is a big help to all of us not only for leisure time but most especially during emergency cases. If you had a mortgages problems in the past, they are also willing to help if you are interested to get a new home loan for your family. You can also apply personal loans if you encountered financial constrain and you need an extra money for your basic needs such as foods, clothing, bills, car repairs and others. For more information try to visit their website at and apply online.


Favorite Fruits

Grapes, cantaloupe and strawberries are highly nutritious fruits and a great snack thats good for our health. It gives us energy, vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, sugar, riboflavin, niacin, rich in potassium and many more. I believe that these fresh fruits can help us reduce cholesterol, a good cleansing, detoxing the system of our body. Eating nutritional fruits can help prevent diseases and makes our body healthy.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baby Clothes

Every parents has an instinct of being caring and loving to their babies. They want to give the best of everything from food, shelter, education, health and most especially for a nice clothes to wear everyday. Babies are very much sensitive in terms of clothing. Thats why we must select a soft and comfortable clothes for our babies and make sure to get the best for them. Sometimes selecting clothes is very difficult, time consuming and expensive.

While I am browsing the net I found a very friendly website for a perfect baby shower gift or some cool baby clothes for the little cutie in your life. You can easily get the most excellent stylish outfit for boys and girls in an easy way. Take a look of their modern and cutest baby clothes from head to toe and decide for yourself. For newborn babies you can choose a brand new design, nice color, exact size plus you can add cute baby hat to complete your baby's outfit. They provide many beautiful and unique clothes that fits the needs of your babies with reasonable and affordable prices. They have many excellent new styles for toddlers, fashionable, popular brands, latest design with high quality products and a very low prices only. You can easily order it online with a flat fee shipping policy. It's a very nice clothes ever made because it is 100% cotton, super soft, no-fuss and all are washable by a machines.

Again, if you are looking for a stylish, fashionable and perfect clothes for your babies is the best. Be updated to the latest clothes online. They provide best attire for your babies. So, what are you waiting for come and visit their great website now and try to order the best clothes that suits to your babies.


Springrolls ( Lumpia )

Loves to eat lumpia? Lumpia is one of the most popular traditional Filipino dishes for fiesta, birthday and parties. You can made it in advance, frozen and fried just before being served. Most Filipinos keep lumpia in the freezer not only for parties but just in case you have a visitors unexpectedly you can easily serve them quickly. Most people love to eat fried lumpia with their fingers or wrap them in a napkin and dip in a sauce like catsup. Eating lumpia is a great fun and once you taste it you really love it.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beautiful Plants For You

In all aspects of surroundings its very nice to see if there are plants that adds beauty to your place. Whether you are in a single residential area or to a heavy populated one its beautiful to have plants around you. Plants are the source of oxygen that we need everyday. But most of our common problem is the space. In a limited area in our home we had a difficulty in placing plants around because putting plants around in a small area can make the place crowded.

But today you can do it without hesitation. To make it realize in your place try to visit They can provide you with the product depth, knowledge and a lowest prices. They can help you become a good planters. They have an expertise in indoors planters as well as outdoor planters. For those extra space in your backyard they also introduce garden planters. If you love window decoration they also have window box planters. And you like an extra beauty in your house decorative planters is the best. So what are you waiting for if you are plant lovers try it now visit their excellent website and you can have it all.


Health Is Wealth

Health is the most important to everyones life thats why I always think of myself to become healthy. Last Saturday my mother and I went to the nearest general hospital to see a doctor to have a follow up check up of my blood pressure. I want to monitor my blood pressure because I know I'm now on a borderline. I need to know whats the best for my health thats why I came to visit here monthly to see my doctor, have a BP check up and listen to his advices.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Shopping Online

Most of us love to go shopping malls but sometimes we are so busy and have limited time that's why we prefer to shop online. Shopping online is very popular nowadays because it's very easy and we can save our time.

If you are a beginner or have a hard time searching an item online I can guide you to, one of the most popular website nowadays. ShopWiki is the largest online shopping search engine. They have 200,000 stores and more than 250 million products than any other shopping comparison site on the internet. You can easily buy all the products you need with a very low prices and you can also avail discounts. Here you can have everything you want when you shop online like electronics, clothes, home, garden, computers and many more. Like other search engines shopwiki provides you with the best deal that suits to your needs. All transactions are done through the online retailer. All you have to do is to start browsing the net then enjoy to shop the best products they have. Come now and be hurry.


Caribbean Foods

Last Saturday my mother and I went to Stone Road Mall to buy something new. We roam around to find fit dresses for us. Until such time we felt hungry and we stop by to the Caribbean Queen fast food. My mother ordered the combination of rice, vegetables and pork. It's simple but very delicious and a great food experience.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sinigang Shrimps With Kangkong

Love to eat this? It's one of a Filipino delicacy shrimps with Kangkong. My friend here in Canada cooked this special recipe sinigang for us when she invited for a dinner and wow its very delicious. It's one of my favorite recipe. I remember that kangkong is very abundant in the Philippines. Its almost priceless their everyone likes it very much. The usual cooking style is sinigang it was served in different occasion.


Credit Cards For Bad Credit OK

Most Americans today burdened with bad credit? Well, I have a good news to all of you who suffered from bad credit loans. There are lenders who are willing to give a helping hand to those people who experienced bad credit credit cards a second chance. They are willing to help you find the best solution for credit cards, home loans, auto loans, personal loans, credit repair and credit report and score. For more details about credit cards for bad credit visit their website at and


Alamang Hipon from Philippines

If you love to eat unripe mango the best combination for it is bagoong alamang with tomatoes. You can feel the perfect test of mango smell the aroma of the bagoong. Its mouth watering experience and I'm sure you will never forget the experience.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Unsecured Business Loans

Do you want to start a new business and you need money for capital? Try to visit, the best unsecured business loans for you. They offers $10,000 - $ 250,000 unsecured business loans with no application fee, no upfront fees, no hidden charges and approve within 24 - 48 hours. For more details about unsecured business loans visit their famous website and apply now.



In the Philippines there are many fruits that I love most like durian, lanzones, rambutan and many others. Apple, grapes and orange are also my favorite and we call it imported and very expensive in the Philippines. But when I arrived here I found out that orange is one of the best fruit I've ever test. Very sweet, big, like the smell and most of all very it..


Unsecured Personal Loans

Are you in need of money and wants to apply for unsecured personal loans? Well is the perfect website to cope up shortage of financial needs. It is the best unsecured personal loans with no application fee, no hidden charges and 30 second pre-application. They offers $10K- $150K unsecured personal loans for 24 - 48 hour of approvals. It's 100% approval guarantee, secure, private, confidential with lowest interest rates . For more details visit their website or call 877-207-1396 try now


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jewelry Buyers

When I was in the Philippines I really love collecting jewelries and watches. Since I was a child I really appreciate necklace, earrings, bracelet, bangles, rings and also wristwatch. My very first jewelry is an earring when I was in grade two. I'm so happy that time when my mother gave me a round shape earring. Then when I was in second year high school my mother bought again a necklace with pendant for me and a ring with diamonds for my sister. I feel so blessed to have jewelries at my young age.

Before we got married my husband and I bought a perfect pair of wedding ring. It's a very precious swiss diamond ring and we bought it at Gaisano Mall, one of the biggest mall in our place Davao City. I bought a lots of jewelries also from my best friend and pay it for installment basis. I considered this as one of my favorite hobbies by collecting different kinds jewelries like golds, diamonds, pearls and many others. When I came here in Canada I dream of buying different kinds of jewelries too. I know it is not easy to buy jewelries here especially diamonds because it needs a lot of money in order to buy the best item I like. I know that jewelry products are very expensive nowadays.

While I am browsing the net I found the largest watch buyers online. They are also a jewelry buyers if you want to sell your items to them. If you're in need of money, they are also a diamond buyers. It's a perfect website for you if you want to sell your watches, jewelries and diamonds. They are the best buyers and sellers online for 26 years of experience. They are interested to buy rolex, patek philippe, cartier, audemars piguet, piaget and other watches. They also love to buy estate, antique and modern jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, pins, cufflinks, bracelets and pendants. If you have loose diamond or one set in a ring, pendant or stud earrings they are also interested to buy it. They will pay you with a highest price and you can have the money immediately if you want to sell or consign your items to them. For those who are interested don't hesitate to visit their website at and you can get what you want.


3 Mangoes

Mango is one of the most tropical and popular fruits in the world especially in the Philippines. Mostly mangoes are available during the month of April to September. Yesterday my brother here bought 3 Mochica mangoes, the world's finest mangoes from Peru.


Modern Furniture

Every one of us wants to have a very good looking furniture in our house especially in our living room, dinning room, kids room and bed room. But selecting best furniture to decorate the interior of our house is difficult. It is not easy to find excellent furniture that suits our taste and fits the area of our house.

Worry no more to make it easier I can guide you to the most perfect modern furniture at They are offering latest styles of modern furniture with many variety kinds you can select. They create well-designed, very unique, durable and well-made furniture with high quality materials at a very affordable and lowest prices. All you have to do is to select the best modern furniture that fits to your house. What are you waiting for, buy now and you can keep it as one of your personal valuable item.

For more information please visit their popular website at or you can easily contact them at 1-888-450-ROOM. Come and order now be hurry.


Monday, March 10, 2008

My Mouse

I bought this laser mouse for my laptop last December. But sad to say that last week this mouse was destroyed accidentally. I have many works to do especially my task and maybe thats the reason why mouse was easily give up. This mouse doesn't want to help me, hayy. It's very difficult for me to browse or scan my computer without a mouse. I bought new one immediately because I don't like to use the built in mouse in my loptop. Now I can resume my works faster and easier. Thanks God I can do all my assignment easily now. It's great easy to used my new HP brand mouse and I love it very much. To my sweet loyal friends who visited my sites since last week thank you so much. God bless you all and have a nice day.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Greenwich Pizza

It still fresh in my mine when I was in the Philippines during payday we went to NCCC Mall one of the biggest mall in our place. We went shopping buying everything needed for a month. We don't forget also to pass by in the greenwich and buy my son's favorite the original greenwich special pizza with buko shake pandan flavor. We usually ordered a family size pizza. Me and my husband shared the half and the rest is for our son jayjay.

For your eyes only


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Engagement Rings

It's our nature to appreciate precious stones such as diamonds, pearls, golds, silvers and many others. But we appreciate it more if we observe its finish jewelry products like anniversary rings, wedding rings, necklace, bracelet, earings and other diamonds product. This precious jewelries are very expensive because they uses highest quality materials. If you are looking for the most progressive online diamond jewelers I can guide to their famous website at or you can contact at 888-582-5836. Buy now!



Hello friends! It's weekend again and since it is Saturday I would love to share this beautiful food for thoughts to all.
Acceptance means you are valuable just as you are. It allows you to be the real you. You aren't forced into someone else's idea of who really you are. It means your ideas are taken seriously since they reflect you. You can talk about how you feel inside and why you feel that way and someone really cares. Acceptance means you can try out your ideas without being shot down. You can even express heretical thoughts and discuss them with intelligent questioning. You feel safe. No one will pronounce judgment on you, even though they don't agree with you. It doesn't mean you will never be corrected or shown to be wrong. It simply means it is safe to be you and no one will destroy you out of prejudice.
Gladys M. Hunt


Unsecured Credit Line

Great news to everyone who need unsecured credit line over the net. If you want to expand your business and you want to get working capital try They can surely provide unsecured credit lines that guaranteed fast funding, easy to process and excellent service with lowest interest rate. Unsecured lines of credit can also help you if you want to start a new business, consolidate your debt, loans and many others. For more details visit their website at or call 800-201-0001 and apply now.


Diamond Award

I got this awesome diamond award from pretty Janet. I really love real diamonds and thanks to you my friend for sharing this heart shape diamond award. And I would like to share and pass this to all my friends online. Just feel free to grab it, take care and happy weekend to all.


Business Loans

Are you searching for the perfect company that gives you a business loans with lower interest rate? Well, is the perfect website that can surely help you to start a new business. They offers a quick 5 minute online application for unsecured business loans and personal loans with no application fees, no hidden charges, collateral needed. It's guaranteed safe, secure, private and confidential to all borrowers. For more information about business loans try to visit their website at and apply online today.


Enjoy Your Weekend

Good morning and happy weekend to all my friends online. It's now the time to rest, relax, have fun and the time to enjoy the weekend. It's also the time to give praise and thanks to Lord for the life, good health and all the blessings we receive everyday. God bless you all and again enjoy your weekend.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Mac Poker Online

In our everyday living we focus ourself to work and we devote our time to more important things such as earning a living. Giving ample time to family, relatives, friends and sometimes to community. But its also necessary to give recreation to ourself. We need to balance our works and leisures in life. We need to enjoy ourself during vacant time and holidays.

If you have no enough time to go outside to meet your friends and play an outdoor games, try to visit the best popular macpokeronline. It is the most amazing and exciting Mac Poker online. If you love Pacific Poker you can play also. Fulltilt Poker can give you trills and enjoy. All you have to do is to visit Pokerstars and many more online games . You can also enjoy their poker bonus and online casino bonuses. It is the perfect online games that guaranteed to have fun, thrills and enjoyment while playing the game. No need for you to go anywhere just to play poker online. You can save your time, relax, enjoy and have a long playing time.

If you are interested try to visit their popular website at and play the most exciting game. Come and be hurry.


Interesting Blog with Friendship Award

Thanks to my 2 precious friends Ruby and Sheng for sharing me this amazing interesting blog or blue dreamer paradise award with a perfect blend of friendship award . I'm so happy to say that I love these 2 awards so much girls. God loves to both of you and take care always. I would like to pass these two awards to Laura, Lira, Lyn2x, Sexymom, Gina and Juliana and to all my friends online. Please feel free to grab this awards and have a great day to all.


Perfect Cash Advance

When I was in college I remember that my parents encountered a lot of financial problems because of our tuition fees. Aside from our tuition fees, they need a supplement amount to pay our water and electric bills, basic needs and other unexpected expenses. We got shortage of money and oftentimes encountered financial crises. They experienced to borrowed money from our friends and relatives. But not all our friends and relatives can provide money to us because they are also in need of money. The best solution to solve money problems like this is to apply perfect cash advance. The best site that can surely help you to get away from worrying unexpected expenses. It is the simplest and fastest payday loan without so much hassle and no stress to all borrowers in case of emergencies. The most efficient, easy, safe and guaranteed secure. All you have to do is to complete their 100% online cash advance form and wait for the quick approval. If approve, the money will be deposited into your bank account on the next business day. If you are interested for the said loans try to visit their friendly website at and try to experience the fastest way of securing money online. Apply now and enjoy thier services online.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Links Around the World

Thanks to my sweetest friend Gina for sharing me this links around the world.
Let us all help each other out by doing each and everyone a little favor… Building our Technorati ranks and probably our Google page rank! How? By doing this tag! ^_^
I am making this not only to build up my own blog, but of course, to build up yours as well! So tag along, and lend us your helping hands.

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This is the Links Around The World Tag.

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Links around the world tag

1 - Momhood Moments 2 - Business Mars 3 - A Simple life 4 - moms….. check nyo 5 - Mommy’s Little Corner 6 - Pampered 7- HappyHeart 8- place ur link here

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I'm tagging Laura, Cora, Precious and Vina. Thank you guys!


Best Credit Card

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Friendship Chain

I got this friendship chain from my sexy friend Vina. Thank you friend for this interesting tag I love it so much. And now my turn to pass this to Mabelle, Nora, Lena and lira.

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Best Lighting Fixtures

Lightings are the most important facilities in every establishment like commercial and public buildings such as schools,markets, malls, churches and others. Without the said facilities all that buildings are like doom. You can not observe their beauty especially during night time. The one makes that building attractive is the power of electricity that give light during night or day. In our house we put lots of different lights in every angle. It shine brightly at night and you can observe the beauty of the house clearly. My husband hobbies is to collect different kinds of lights and puts it at the different specific area of our house and it helps a lot in term of decorations and brightness.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

2 Fabulous Awards

Friends are the source of happiness. Whether it is near or far from you, the important is the love and care will always hold and treasure in our hearts. I got this 2 fabulous awards from my 2 ever charming friends Lynn and Sheng. Thanks to both of you friends and I will pass this awards to all my online friends. Just feel free to grab these 2 awards and I hope you like it too.


Second Act

My son's graduation day is past approaching. Until years and years of efforts, struggles and sacrifices at last my only son is now graduating his elementary education this coming 20th day of March. As a mother I am so happy that my son achieve the first rung in the ladder of success. I know that this is not the end of all his endeavors not as the last milestone on the long road of success but it is the beginning of his greater things, the stepping stone to the greater and bigger achievement in life. Even though I am in a distance but I can feel the happiness and contentment of my son's first achievement. The best thing that I can do now is to express my deepest love to him by giving a special gift during his graduation day and I need to buy something special for my son's graduation day.

I have no idea of what is the best and perfect gift for my son. While I am browsing the net I'm so glad that I found All the best quality that I am looking for is here in this site. Second Act is an online retailer of HDTVs and the best authorized dealer of the different brands such as Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, Denon, Marantz, JVC, Hitachi and many more. They offer great discounts and guaranteed affordable and very low prices with a high quality, durable and high performance products. All you have to do is to visit their website at and select the best products that you like most.


Big Bear Hug

I got this big bear hugs from my ever sweet friend Joey last week. I'm sorry friend for not doing this earlier. And today my ever sexy friends lynn and pretty sheng shared this big bear hug again to me and I'm so thankful to both of you girls. I want to pass this cute bear to all my friends especially to Ruby, Sweetiepie, Juliana, Janet, Nor, lira, Jhona and laura


Monday, March 3, 2008

Cash Advance Writeup

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Peace and Glamorous Blogger Award

Thanks to my ever sweet friend Cora for sharing me this peace award last week.I'm so sorry for the delayed and also I received this glamorous blogger award from pretty lira. I'm so happy to have this peace and glamorous blogger award. And I would like to pass these two awards to Prily, Lynn, Sheng, Jaja, Sweetiepie, Laura and Janet. Thanks for your comments girls take care always.


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God First Before Anything Else

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you'' ( Matthew 7:7)
Yesterday my mom, friends and I went to St. Joseph Church, one of the biggest catholic church here in our place. We attended the mass at 12 noon and listen the gospel. There are many devotees attended the mass and some of them are Filipinos. Its a great place to pray, ask forgiveness, praise and give thanks to our most gracious and heavenly father. Its a solemn and best meditation and recollection for the past moment. After the mass the Filipino Canadian association gathered at the ground floor to have a Catholic prayer meeting .


Sunday, March 2, 2008

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Marriage Fitness

Everyone of us wants to build a strong, happy, lasting and successful marriage in life. It is our deepest desire to have blessed happy family, respectful children and a perfect marriage. I believe that couples need to establish solid foundation built upon love, care, trust, respect, acceptance, forgiveness and most of it we need to put God in the center of our lives. Love to God holds the family together. Sometimes marriages endures trials that needs to become stronger, healthier and firmer through the intimacy and harmonious relationship between wife, husband and children. But we can not deny the fact that sometimes couples encountered a lot of problems, arguments, misunderstanding, disagreement and miscommunication. We can not avoid that sometimes the small problems, conflicts will lead you to a big trouble marriage and become worse.

Most common problems of couples today are infidelity, broken trust, emotional neglect, addictive behaviors, emotional abuse, the brink of divorce, boredom, separation, stubborn wife, emotional infidelity, silent treatments, no sex, poor communication, no affection, lack of appreciation, midlife crisis and failed in marriage counseling. If you have same problem like this, marriage fitness can help you to save and restore your marriage life. Marriage fitness can give you more techniques, strategies and marriage retreat that help you transform your marriage into healthy relationship again. It's an excellent alternative to marriage family counseling that teaches you creative solutions to neutralize your problems and helps you bring the love, passion and romance. It's the best marital help that helps you strengthen your marriage. To make your marriage fulfilling and satisfying try to visit

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