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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Superstar Award

One of my very pretty online friend blogger Garf gave me this very cute award. Thank you so much girl for this feeling superstar award...hehehe and I'm passing this precious award to Vina, Prettylife, Annie, Lira, Emma, Tere, Rosemarie and Marie Grace.




Pretty Life Online said...

thanks pretty girl!!! I have your site link in these award also....

Rosemarie said...

thanks Norm i'll grab this award na Please add naman my other site and leave me a message when u already add it para maadd din kita dun. here is the url

Tere said...

thanks norm for this superstar award! winter na pala talaga dyan. take care !

Bless said...

Congrats Norms sa award!

emma said...

thans norms ha..grab ko to mamaya pag katapos kumain ng baby ko..

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