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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tag - 10 Simple Questions

A tagged from Tere and I'm tagging Rosemarie and Marie Grace for this...
1. a movie that made you laugh

....many kaya lang forgot ko na...Ito nalang * Ako Legal Wife..Mano po4*... Directed by Joel Lamangan...Starring Zsa Zsa, Cherry Pie, Ruffa Mae and Jay Manalo...

2. a book that made you cry
.....mga pocketbooks kaya lang forgot ko rin mga title...

3. a best friend
Yan hindi ko malimot...childhood friend Maria Fe, high school friend Jojo, Jinky, Maris, Shelda, marami sila teacher Gina, Sherly, Gimma, Elsie, Norming and many more...

4. a favorite childhood memory
....When I was elementary grade I can still remember that during lunch time, my childhood friend Maria Fe and I went to my cousin's house to climb the guava tree, hehehee...namayabas mi....

5. your favorite animal
my parents before have many dogs as in bantay bahay and cats at home but its not my favorite...I don't like pets at home...I'm allergy to that...yaks..

6. your favorite food
spaghetti is my number one favorite, ice cream, adobo, macaroni salad, kalderita, fruits and all foods yata...

7. an item of clothing you can't do without
underwear and I can't live without clothes in my body..

8. something you collect
I love in Chinese gold, Saudi and Spanish gold...
@ home I love to collect angels, mugs, mini glasses, vases big and small

9. your favorite store to shop in
In the Phils...I love going to SM, NCCC, Gaisano and Ever Gotesco but here in Canada I like Stone Road Mall and Zhers

10. your favorite flower
Rose and Orchids



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