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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tagged from Arlene

Arlene gave me this tag last week and It's only now that I got the chance to answer this one and I'm passing this to Bless, Belle, Losel, Amy, Brian, teebob, Noel, Joy and Genny.
1. Would you rather be alone OR surrounded by enemies for the rest of your life?
* As of now I have no enemies and I don't want to have for the rest of my life...If ever I have... I'd rather be alone than to be with my enemies...
2. Are you an early bird OR a night owl?
* I love to be an early bird to catch different kinds of worms. Sometimes I need to became a night owl too.
3. When sick, do you prefer to be pampered OR left alone?
* I don't want to be alone if sick...I'm so afraid... I love to be pampered with my family and love ones.
4. Do you believe in the relative OR the absolute truth?
*Both... I believe also in the relative but more on absolute truth.
5. Which is worse, the Burning Question OR the Painful Truth?
*I think the painful truth...



genny said...

finish Norm...Thanks...

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