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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jesus and Mary

She shall bring forth a son, and thou shall call His name JESUS for He shall save His people from their sins. Matthew 1:21.
Last Sunday when we went to the church there was a very creative display of Jesus and Mary that caught my attention. It's so wonderful and I didn't hesitate to capture it,then post it here. Imagine this is made of cloth and sewed meticulously to came up with that designed,isn't it great? unique diba!. I really love and everybody in the church admire it. It looks like a work of a national artist. Its a tremendous display of love and passion between mother and child. That remind us the birth of Jesus in this Christmas season. And once again Merry Christmas and don't forget to vote my friend click here for CARLOTAONLINE, she's nominated for Filipino blog of the week. Thanks for all your support......



Pretty Life Online said...

hi girl... voted already. Have a nice day!

Mabelle said...

wow nice!

though dli na drawing, pero ang size niya maka remember ko katong akong gi-drawing si Jesus ug gibutang sa altar sa skol chapen namo before...poparihas anag size or mas dako dako gamay pa akong drawing.

i'm sure proud ang naghimo ana ai.kay ako proud pud ko sa akong ginahimo before though wala kabalo ang mga tawo nga akoy naghimo :D.pero i know mga fine arts studes adto mocriticize jud kay TH ra man to akong gihimo :D.

nwys, sige add tika or add ko nimo first. man akong miga nga dli daw mobayad to nga site.pero ingon ko nga naa bitaw silay probs sa ilang payment before pero ila man gifix.ana man jud basta nagtest market pa, naa man jud na probs.bisan gani mga dugay na sa market, di ok lang ug delay ang bayad basta naa ta mapaabot bisan gamay lang :D.

na hala sige na, taas naman ni akong comment ug asa naman ni napunta oi naman ni sa imong topic :D.

see ya around in yahoo.mwah!

Anonymous said...

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