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Monday, December 10, 2007

Passing the Awards

A loveliest day comes when I wake up one morning and discovered that I have 3 cute awards from my pretty friend prettylife that gave colors to my site and of course I love to pass this to my beloved friends Pinaymama, Losel, Brian, Butchay, Amy, Bless, Noel, Teebob, Wheng, Rosemarie and Lucel Juliana.



Amy said...

norms, tenk u kaau sa awards! you're so sweet:) dia ako na gi pingwit diri. wink*

Bless said...

Hi Norms, thanks sa award. I am picking up the "I've got a friend in you". And I can say the same to you, "You've got a friend in me". Take care.

Rosemarie said...

hi thans for this norm meron na nga ang celebrate ko na blog nito so i'll just snag this to my other bolg let u know when im done

pinaymama25 said...

Hi Norms,

Thanks kaayo sa award!! you're such a nice person! we just became friends pero we seems like friends na daan! heheeh...nagdrama kadali no? hehehe...lamat ha birahon na nako ni!

Pretty Life Online said...

hehehe... you deserve an awards girl! Have a great day!

TEEBOB said...

hala ka salamat ka ayo ha

ka daghan ani oy maka taba man sad ni ug kasingkasing hahahahahah

merry christmas

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