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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


A million of thanks to all my friends who visit and voted for me here daily. I appreciated all your support to me. And please don't forget to vote for me again LADYNORMS for Filipino Blog of the Week here. So again to all my friends online who extend their efforts to support me thank you so much.



JOY said...

punta ka sa salas tapos right click click mo mouse mo then view page source unya pangitaa ang code sa vote now..copy paste mo lang sa post mo..

Lily said...

mynosebleed 174 votes
carlotaonline 28 votes
technojavi 10 votes
joydob 18 votes
keyboardmonologues 72 votes
partofyou 42 votes
pinaytitsersaamerika 44 votes
janemking 18 votes
mapiles 40 votes
ladynorms 105 votes

wow! Norms taas kana og points. good luck!I will vote u all mga bisdak basta maka lili lang sa puter.

Snap Catch said...

voted you girl!!!! gusto ko sana ung 2 blogs ko kaso ayaw na tanggapin hehehe sayang isang vote langme now girl!

Novz said...

will vote for today. hapit ko kalimot dah!

Lisa said...

I just voted for you. This is my 2nd time to vote for you. Good luck Norms.

Pretty Life Online said...

trying my best to vote you hehehe again in another computer ... nga pala girl got a tag for you.

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