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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Proud To Be The Filipino Blog Of The Week 90 Winner

I would like to say thank you so much to all my friends who voted for me last week. I really appreciated for the never ending support and I know lots of friends here in blogging honestly shared their votes to me. I'm so happy to be the winner of Filipino Blog of the Week 90. Please don't forget to vote for me again for the hall of fame. Just continue to give votes for me here.



SexyMom said...

Hi Norms, congratulations, you deserve it! I voted again today.

Bless said...

i voted for you na :-) go, go girl..

Bless said...

i forgot i have another blog...please visit this link. i willadd this blog of yours doon. thank you.

Raquel said...

Norms, yay, ang galing mo, congrats ha. Nindot kaayo na ibutang sa sidebar.

Novz said...

congrats, Norm! it was so close the other day.

JOY said...

Congrats Ate least kahit di ako nanalo,isa sa mga binoto ko winner..happy na rin ako..

TEEBOB said...

hahahaha congrats ka ayo ha

actually ga sige gehapon ko ug vote nimo hehehehehe

congrats once again sa imo and have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations and yes I'm still voting :)
I have a tag for you, but it's up to you whether you participate.
Details here
Have a great day,

HANNA said...

Million congratulation!
peace, love!

Lerlyn said...

i am one of the voters na nag vote sayo everyday!congrats! how many weeks ba dapat manalo ang isang blog teacher? sorry kung na offend kita sa post ko, i didnot mean it talaga..i was happy lang talaga na nominated ang blog ng special friend ko,kababata at kababayan ko cia kaya gusto ko manalo cia week91.

Pretty Life Online said...

wow! good for you girl.... congrats!

rickavieves said...

woww Congratss! sipag mo! you are the bloggers of the world! :-)

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