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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Late Post

First and for most I would like to say thank you so much to my dearest friend Loloy for his exemplary support and for doing this very beautiful scrap and post it to our Bisdak Planet site last January 12 and 19. Actually this is a late post because I am so busy for the last two weeks. Its only now that I got the chance to publish this to my site. I appreciated it much and I'm so grateful to have a friend like you so kind and I love ya loloy!
Thank you also to my precious friend Carlota for helping me a lot and made my blog a successful one. I know without her assistance my blog didn't looks so beautiful. You're really great and your good deed was really appreciated. Thank you so much for being a wonderful, fabulous friend with a helping hands that always ready to help. I feel so bless to have a friend like you and I knew words is not enough to say thanks to you my friend.
To my friends especially Mabelle, Joy and Prettylife, my Bisdak Planet family headed by Madam Lolli and to all my loyal friends who casts their votes for me thank you very much for your unending support. My friends online who loves to share, understand without any words, always willing to help me, supports, care, share me in times of laughters, joys, triumphs, successes that bring happiness and glad when I'm happy, lol. Even though I am new in the world of blogging, now I feel that I have many friends out there who really loves me and I am hoping for your continuous support. Also to the judges and most especially to Talksmart thank you so much Eric for the 3 awards, hehe from 1st winner then 2nd placer and of course the hall of fame awards. Thank you so much to all of you.... take care and mabuhay..



JOY said...

Hi Dae Norms..Bongga kaayo ni duh. Salamat kaayo present akoa happy nick name.God Bless you always.

Mabelle said...

oi ka nice sa akong momi o.ka cute ana nga award oi.dli na kabayran ug sapi ang modaug ingon ana nga award.unya feature pa jud ka world wide ha.

am hapi for u momi.

pero oist, buhata baya to ha.sige lang tag chika nya la d i kay buhat buhat adto. ikaw jud! maayo ug daghan ka ma-avail adto aron hapi forever jud :D.

til then momi.

Josh of Arabia said...

ang lakas talaga ng power ng bisdak! congrats sa mga awards , i know u all deserved and earn those :)

rickavieves said...

Hi ladynorms, Congrats! nice awards! :-)

HANNA said...

Congratulation Lady!

million hot embraces,

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