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Thursday, September 9, 2010

You Are My Son

You are my only son and a part of me
My life, my treasure and my everything
With a lovely face and your cute smile
You belong to me and I love you so

I am always here to understand you
To support you and encourage too
I want you the best and see you succeed
You are my precious son and I love you so
by: Norm



Happymommi said...

ang sweet naman ni mommy=D

novz said...

nothing compares to a mother's love. mao na dapat mahibaw-an sa mga anak.

I'm sure your son is a good boy! God bless you both!

JOY said...

Sweet mo naman maging mommy..Dae Norms, add ko dalawang site mo dito sa Ozlife
add mo rin to huh pag may time ka please.Have a great weekend.

jennyr said...

mustah na norms? ur son is gwapito ha...and oh yah, that's a very very sweet poem! btw, i got u tagged at this link....

david santos said...

Nice posting, Norm. Thank you
have a good luck

Pretty said...

sweet catch! sorry girl bihira lang me dalaw now hehehe busy me sa school eh....

HANNA said...

Bella questa!
I have tag for You Lady:
take care my nice friend..

NovaS said...

liwat sa imuha ang mata ate norms...

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