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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amazing and Love Awards

Award is a wonderful word, it might be the most beautiful and powerful gift of great value to be treasure in our hearts. An Amazing award from sexy Rickavieves. Thank you so much for sharing me this wonderful award.
I got this love award from charming Janet and beautiful Rose. Thank you also girls for giving me this heart shape love award. I really love the color pink so much.
Mostly awards can makes me happy, excitement and give me reason to smile. So, to make my friends happy too, I would like to pass these 2 awards to Lynn, Emz, Laura, Joey, Amy and Bless



twinkletoe said...

You pretty well deserve all these awards sis. You're such an amazing and loving friend :] glad to be your friend :]

stev & emz said...

ganahan dyud ko. =) salamat kaau Norms ha.. akong ning i post karun dayun/

theworkingmom said...

Hi Norms! Posted them na! Here's the link. Thank you so much for these awards!

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