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Friday, February 8, 2008

Pixie Dust Pin Award

I got this pixie dust pin from my 2 pretty friends Michelle and Cecil. Thank you girls for sharing this magic pixie dust pin. And love to share this to Precious, Twinkletoe, Cora, Jaja, Joydob, Prettylife, Amy, Eds, Bless, Hanna, Colin, Chant, Lisa, Ricka, Sheng, Mabelle, Juliana, thet, Emz and my sweet friend Asawakomahalko

Just wanted to spread the magic by giving you this exclusive Pixie dust. It says that it'll help to make your dream come true. Now you can spread a little magic of you own. Pass this pixie dust pin to your friends.



HANNA said...

Hi Dearest Norm!
thanx a billion!
tomorrow I grab this...
very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much my sweet friend, it's very kind and thoughtful of you to include me with some very fine bloggers :)
I will post it when I get the opportunity.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Amy said...

daghan kaau salamat ani dae norms:) happy weekend kaninyo tanan dinha!

btw, naa pod diay ko tagay sa imoha dinhi:

JOY said...

Dae Norms salamat..bakit malabo ang image Dae? Anyway parang nagbago isip ko sa nomination dun sa kay Jessie hehe..Yoko nalang pa nominate parang kakatamad eh haha. Pwede ka magnominate dun kung sino sa tingin mo sociable eh.

Eds said...

thanks sis for this one, but i already posted one na from Yvette., salamat uli ha :)

Michelle said...

thanks norm. got an award for you. :)

Mummy Sheng said...

thanks te norms! you're really sweet! muah!

stev & emz said...

hello te Norms! tnx sa award ha! i posted it already!! sa uulitin! heheh

your doze of twinkletoe said...

hello wafah norm you're so sweet.. thanks for this one..gonna post it now.. sorry medyo late.. mwah! oi pls vote for me. here..
Joy nominated me for social blogger. mwah! :)

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