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Saturday, February 16, 2008


It's already one year when I started blogging and I enjoyed it so much. As I said before, blogging is the perfect place for me to express and display my views, opinion, thoughts and ideas. Its a lot of fun and exciting because I can post whatever I want in my blog, let others to view and give comment of my work. I learned also that blogging is the best way to generate extra income every time you post to it. You get paid to blog for a campaign and make advertisement. I'm proud to say that I'm doing blog advertising online and I already get paid for it. I am encouraging every bloggers around the world to participate and join buyblogreviews in sharing your ideas through writing and make successful posting. I was so happy that I got one post last week and immediately I get paid blogging. Lots of my friends also proud to be a members of buyblogreviews. This is one of the best and easiest way to make money while blogging. As a bloggers we need buyblogreviews to connect us to the advertisers for the entire community. We are required to write an ideas, opinion or even description for a certain campaign advertisement with a link to advertiser's website. If you are interested don't hesitate to visit their perfect website at It's a good opportunity to earn money online. To all interested don't waste your time register now.



My Sassy Mind said...

Hello.. care for an exchange links with me? Check out my blog and see if you are interested. See you there. Just drop your comment (wink)

My Sassy Mind

jessie said...


yeah, buyblogreviews is a good network especially for blogs without PR. hindi sila strict sa PR, etc.

My Sassy Mind said...

Your link is added using the anchor text "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" in my blog. Please inform me for any changes. Thanks for adding my link as well :D

Yen said...

Hi Norm! I got something for you here'


stev & emz said...

hi te Norms! hows life?? by the way i got a tag for you! its in this LINK

Anonymous said...

Hi Norm, I register sa buyblogreview thru your site. my question when you place a bid, are we gonna make a post about it right away?or we'll wait till we won the bid?thank you Norm.

Norm said...

dear anonymous,
just wait if you won the bid, that`s the time that you make a post because you need their link and some instructions, don`t worry they will send you a message tru your email, take care.

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