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Monday, February 11, 2008

Mobile Phone

As technology advances everyone needs to go with. Today every individual wants to have a mobile which is necessity nowadays. For myself, I started using mobile phone last 2000 when I was in the Philippines. I need to have it because I worked away from my family and communication is very important to every one.

When I came to Canada and travel alone I only rely on my Nokia 6103 cellphone to contact my sister, brother in law and my mom who waited at the airport. I also used it to contact my husband and son who was left home. I used the connecting flight from Davao to Manila then Hongkong, Vancouver to Toronto and every transfer of plane my phone was my only guide. Thanks to my mobile phone it was great and very useful.

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Mabelle said...

so hapi u have this task :D.

nwys, nokia pud gani ko. nokia lover forever.user friendly man gud ang nokia.

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