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Friday, February 29, 2008

Roses and Chocolates For You

I got this pink roses with chocolates from a very charming friend lyn2x and a very sweet friend Janet. Thank you girls for sharing me this radiance beauty of the rose. It gives me comfort and makes my eyes shine. I really love this two heart shape chocolates too. Well, I would like to pass this roses which show my love and deep caring to my friends most especially to lynn, Joy and Laura.



novz said...

kanindot sa gift!:)

Hey, norm! Ako na sad mangayo ug tabang sa vote. my new blog, is nominated for wk 98 sa salaswildthoughts. I haven't even announced my new site coz it's very fresh pero na nominate man nuon.


hehehe, nalibot na jud ako roses n chocolates!!!enjoy ur weekend!!

laura said...

Thanks norms hehhee napost ko na ito bgay ko nga sau anyway happy weekend...ung 2 site u pala dko pa na add hinahanap ko sa list ko waaaaaa im getting older na hehehe

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