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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Valentines Award

I got this valentines award from pretty Michelle and sexy Chant. Thanks my dear friends for sharing me this cute valentines award and love to pass this to my friends online Twinkletoe, Cora, Jaja, Joydob, Prettylife, Amy, Eds, Bless, Jennyr, Hanna, Colin and my sweet friend Mabelle.

For me, Valentines Day is observed all over the world every 14th day of February with great excitement and enthusiasm. It is the traditional day on which lovers or couples express their love for each other by giving and receiving valentine's cards, flowers, chocolates gifts, and other personalized gifts. A time to express our gratitude, deepest feelings to the person who are integral part of our lives by treating them in the most romantic way during Valentines day. It is about overwhelming our love ones with our undying passion, our never ending desire and our true commitment. According to the romantic legend, day of hearts originated from St. Valentine, a kind hearted Roman priest who solemnized the marriages of young couples against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II and was martyred then beheaded and died on the 14th day of February. That's why on this glorious day, people find the strength, the courage, the power to share their feelings of love and care to the person who awaits to hear those resonant sounds flowing from their open heart. So, color your world on this magnificent day. Good day and happy Valentines day to all of you...



stev & emz said...

hi Norms! thats a very nice award. =) by the way i got u tagged! hope u dont mind.. c yah!

Michelle said...

hi norms, thanks for posting this. :)

Mabelle said...

thanks sa tag.ako niya himoon later.

salamat pud sa pagbisita.

ala man pud daghan opps oi.akong daghan kay zeros man ehhehehe.puro zero.unsa ra gud tong gaina nga daginoton pud to nya la pa ko kasabot oi.maayo kay naay online support.

Eds said...

thanks a lot sis! ;)

HANNA said...

Hey Lady Norm!
Thanx a mille,
I love You!

Amy said...

salamat aning award dae norms.. very much appreciated! happy tuesday:)

Anonymous said...

Norm my seet friend,
I thank you so very much for passing this cute award to me :)
Love n Hugs to you,

Mabelle said...

mana ni nako himo momi karon. naa sa


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