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Monday, March 10, 2008

My Mouse

I bought this laser mouse for my laptop last December. But sad to say that last week this mouse was destroyed accidentally. I have many works to do especially my task and maybe thats the reason why mouse was easily give up. This mouse doesn't want to help me, hayy. It's very difficult for me to browse or scan my computer without a mouse. I bought new one immediately because I don't like to use the built in mouse in my loptop. Now I can resume my works faster and easier. Thanks God I can do all my assignment easily now. It's great easy to used my new HP brand mouse and I love it very much. To my sweet loyal friends who visited my sites since last week thank you so much. God bless you all and have a nice day.



twinkletoe said...

Yeey! makablog hop na jud ka sis kay naa naka mouse! ako pud I don't like using the builtin mouse sa akong lappy kay samok..lisod man labi na mg design.. :] ingat! mwah!

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