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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sinigang Shrimps With Kangkong

Love to eat this? It's one of a Filipino delicacy shrimps with Kangkong. My friend here in Canada cooked this special recipe sinigang for us when she invited for a dinner and wow its very delicious. It's one of my favorite recipe. I remember that kangkong is very abundant in the Philippines. Its almost priceless their everyone likes it very much. The usual cooking style is sinigang it was served in different occasion.



laura said...

wow sarap naman...I love that I miss kangkong na cant find it hir I like adobong kangkong mas lalo nayang sinigang mouth watering na tuloy hehehe...happy weekend

Lut said...

naku, sarap ng ulam dito Norm, pahingi...po.

Prettylifeonline said...

yummmy!!!! buti may kangkong jan gurl!!! hehehehe

Brian said...

this dish really taste good. Ikaw nag luto norms makagutom ba. kalas kau ni rice. mau gani dili ko allergic sa shrimps!

Amor said...

Favorite gyd nako ni,maski unsa na isahog basta sinigang,oks kaayo!kalami nalang nai!

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