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Friday, March 28, 2008

So Delicious

Another delicious recipe during the birthday of my sister's hubby. My sister cooked this because this is the favorite desert of her friends and I like this food also its delicious. This is not common for me but i like it very much and I need to know how to cook it too. Recipe will be type later...



shimumsy said...

omg, that looks soooo delicious.
i will wait for you to post the recipe.

have a nice weekend.

joy said...

giunsa man ni paghimo,unsa man ngan ani nga recipe dae hehe..Naa ko tag nimo deri nubo raman gam-a dae ha?

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Norm...

Is that strawberry? Naglalaway ako ah.

Happy weekend. I tagged you pala. Link is:

Take care,


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