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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Human Relations

Hello friends! This group picture was taken at Boat Park near the speed river of Gordon. And While I was looking at my drawer I found my favorite books from Philippines Nuggest of Wisdom Book Edition. As I'm reading it I was inspired by this awesome message from Alvin H Goeser. I would like to share this interesting words of wisdom to all you. I like the message so much and love to put it here:

Good human relations is a matter of forming habits of understanding people, of being tolerant of others, of being considerate, of being willing and active in helping others and sharing with them. It's an attitude of being willing to help others to live more fully, to help them grow, enjoy and make the best of lives. The basic rule of human good relations is to think, to talk and to act in terms of the interest of the other person. It is to get one's thinking of one's self and one's little world and directing it to the other person.



shimumsy said...

hi sis, may tag ako sa'yo. take care.

Michelle said...

hi norm, its been a while that i haven't visit your site. your other blog still won't open. don't know why. good thing that this one downloaded quickly. musta na? :)

Mummy Sheng said...

looks like you all had fun!

just doing my daily rounds!

laura said...

wow bonding time,saya naman,sorry d me nakaka visit d2,then nung mag ask u ng favor nangtingnan ko huli na pala me kaya nahiya na ako,

blogscope said...

Hello :) doing my rounds, hope to see you in my page and enjoy your stay! Have a great days ahead and TC :)

Snap Catch said...

Hi Norms... great and fun capture!!! Thank you for the visit when I was away.

twinks said...

wow sis..puro gwapa naa sa pic..
enjoy kaayo mo tan-awon..
love the quote..
thanks for sharing.. :]

lira said...

gwapa jud mga pinay bisan saon oi. unya nindot sab ang inyong place.

tasteful voyage
a mom's note
Filipino love stories

Mabelle said...

ka nice diha sa inyong luga oi.

ka mga gwapa jud ning mga pinay bah. wa makalupig! way korat! :D

labay lang ko sis!

Josh of Arabia said...

hi mam, longtime!..

i cant see the pic..its not downloading in my pc..sure its cool.

btw, hows ur kalayaan celeb day in canada?

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Norm...hopping here.

Have a great week ahead.


Rocks said...

hi!you all look so beautiful! :)

stev & emz said...

great photo with your friends sis Norm. Human relations is really important,my husband dont have that so he got no idea on how to treat them, even me. lol

deden said...

hi norm... nice relation

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