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Friday, July 18, 2008

Help Improve Our Energy Security

Hi! good evening to all my friends. How are you today? As for me here, I'm feeling so tired today because yesterday we went to Niagara falls to viewed the most famous attractions in the world. We have travelled three hours and we consumed full tank of gasoline. We can't deny the fact that we suffered high prices of oil nowadays and there should be an alternative to it. Thats the reason why lots of people have made efforts to replace gasoline with biofuels. Thats why there is a World Biofuels Industry Open Letter to OPEC stating that biofuel will be one of the best alternative in helping the economy not to suffer the high prices of oil. It can help the people to live a happy life and a better future. In the other countries like Brazil their oil price didn't increase because they try to use biofuels. And this letter inform us that we need to support biofuels so that we will not suffer oil increase in the future.



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tagged u ate

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Mummy Sheng said...

have a nice saturday!

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