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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Love It!

Everyday my sister Agring always says " I love to eat ice cream" and then we both smile. You know why.. oh my gosh! the figure sis, hehehe. Since summer is so hot here in Canada we really love to eat ice cream. Not only my sister but my niece too. The picture you see in my post was taken at Dairy Queen, one of the best ice cream parlour in our city. After our date in the park we went here to relax and refresh our mind.



Pretty Life Online said...

That seems so yummmyyyy... I need it now, its too hot here.... What's up ganda?

Anonymous said...

Gurl, one o fmy favorite is ice cream kay rfreshing kaayo labi na ting init lami gyud ikaon ug ice cream.

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