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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Pink Rose - Macro Shot

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Hi good evening to all bloggers. It's already late tonight but still not yet sleepy. Well, blogging is the only reason. Speaking of blogging, I love to join this weekly macro shot of my sister Agring. Actually this is already a late post because rose is for week 1 and daisy is for week 2. There's a saying that goes "Better late than never" so I didn't hesitate to post this sweet pink rose of mine. And promise to post the week 2 tomorrow which is the daisy flower. Hope I can find daisy flower tomorrow. God bless to all and again good night.



Mummy Sheng said...

a beautiful wednesday greeting from latvia!

JeFf & NoVa said...

hi te norms... musta na po kayo here? hope all is well, i love roses... i like this one you have here... can i have it?

by the way dear, i tagged you here:

please check it out if you do have time... may u have a great dayy...

toni said...

hi norms! you're tagged!

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