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Friday, July 11, 2008

Salad For Me

I started to eat fresh salads when I arrived here in Canada. The only reason why I eat healthy foods like this salad in the picture is I need to lose weight and to lower my systolic and diastolic pressure. Well, I'm so happy because it works and my blood pressure is back to normal now. I didn't eat breakfast and I only eat if I'm hungry. I only eat fruits and vegetables but sometimes I really like to eat rice, lol. I don't know why my tongue really want some rice. Sometimes I eat chicken because its my sister's favorite but I remove the skin and the fatty parts. If my sister cook and eat pork I don't of course. I strictly eat healthy foods only and salads are great.



jennyr said...

yum! kalami! mustah na norms? parehas ta ani magpagamay pod ko (sa akong bilbil!) kay grabeh na gyud ni!

Lynn said...

Wow! Sarap naman niya, Te Norm. Can i have some? Hehe.

Visiting u here. Enjoy your weekend!

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