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Monday, September 22, 2008

Australian Domain Names

Wow! I have good news to share with you. I am proud to say that domains names are very available at Now is the time to buy domain names to gain more profit online. We all know that buying a great domain is more advantage. So, if you are interested visit their popular website and read the press release and buy now.

Press Release:

Internet gold rush is on.

A major shift in policy from auDA, Australia's domain name regulator has lead to an explosion in .au domain name trading.

Effective from 1st June 2008, the change means that Australians can now buy and sell domain names for profit resulting in a boom in virtual real estate speculation.

Domain names are the backbone of the internet and often aptly described as virtual real estate. Indeed, thousands of domainers around the world make their living from these online properties by buying, selling and even renting to people and businesses that have a connection to the domain name

Now, with this new legislation, the industry has arrived in Australia with a bang. The prospect of turning a $30 registration fee into a 6 figure sale is probably consigned to history but one thing is sure, with 1.2 million .au domain names already registered, supply of premium domains becomes tighter and tighter leading to a surge in domain name valuations. is the leading website to have emerged with a focus on Australian domains with nearly 6,000 .au domains listed. It currently lists several sales so far including for $5,000 and for $10,450. Still current auctions include with an asking price of $1,000,000 and drawing a bid of $25,000.

With less than 5 months since the dawn of this new type of investment, the .au domain aftermarket has experienced a tremendous start and it's only a matter of time until we can expect to see the first of the dot com dot au millionaires.

Selection of domain name sales:

Internationally: - US$14,000,000 - US$9,500,000 - $US7,500,000 - US$200,000

In Australia (some sales made prior to rule change so exact prices can not be 100% verified) - A$200,000 + - A$60,000 - $80,000 est - A$18,500


Regulation change:

Current domains for sale:

.Com sales reports: sales reports:,,



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