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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

File Folders

First day in school is the most exciting and memorable day to all students, parents and teachers. As parents, you need to provide everything like notebooks, papers, pen, pencil and put in file folders and label with tetra tag personal label maker. If you are interested to buy, visit global dot dymo dot com. They provide different kinds of dymo products that help your students to keep their things well organize.

Today, 9th day September was the first day of my niece in school as junior kindergarten. Abby woke up early, take a bath, get dressed and eat her breakfast. Her mom organized all the things inside the bag and label with Abby's name using letra tag plus. After getting ready we take some pictures. Her mom and I accompany her to school. We arrived there at exactly eight thirty in the morning. When we about to leave, she began to cry. Her teacher immediately talked to her, put name tag in her pink dress and give some encouragement. After a few minutes she smiled, happy to go with her new classmates and get inside the school. I went home and my sister to work. At exactly ten o’clock I prepared to pick up my niece.

At school, Abby's daddy came from work. He told us that he don’t want to miss her daughter’s first day of school. As daddy he wants to give moral support to his daughter. When Abby saw her daddy waiting her outside she smiled and happy to go home.



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