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Monday, September 15, 2008

Free Forum Hosting

Hello guys! I have good news to share with you this afternoon. grows faster on the internet and offers a free forum hosting service worldwide. They provide free 1 GB space to all people who are interested to create a forum website. You can enjoy 1 GB free spaces for files, photos, music and many more. If you like for more features, more space or storage you can easily upgrade it to 2bg, 4 GB and 8bg is coming soon. Guaranteed fast, secure, reliable and best in quality services and hosting. For more information, log on to forums-free dot com and try now.



Shawn said...

There is another free forum option. Tagmalion (

With this forum there is nothing to install on the server side.

Tagmalion forums are all linked to a tag. Simply download the forum, select a tag e.g. pets, jobs, anything and upload the files like a normal web page.

Anything posted on your tag will be displayed on all sites sharing the same tag. Content from other sites sharing your tag will also be displayed on your site.

Check it out on

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