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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scenic Sunday # 11

Sweetest thanks to the most beautiful owner of Scenic Sunday, The Holleys and to all members of this meme. These are my simple contribution for this week, a fountain and the most authentic view of Niagara Falls. I took these at Niagara City when I went to visit the Niagara Falls, three hours travel from my place. Just click the photo to enlarge and you can view the beauty of Niagara Falls clearly. Thanks for leaving a message and happy weekend to all.



jaejae said...

we love niagara. so far, it's the best place we've ever been to here in ontario. not busy (well, except for the falls view area), clean, cool, interesting, extravagant, most modern, fun. nope, we don't stay there. we're just less than an hour drive so its pretty easy for us to go there whenever we can.


The Holleys said...

Nice shots again, Norm! :) The first photo look like a fun place to visit.

Baruch said...

Very nice pictures. I love the one of Niagara Falls - very impressive. Would love to see it myself in person. Thanks for sharing and happy Scenic Sunday!

gen/entry here said...

Oh Wow that's gorgeous entries...

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