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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spell Your Name

While I was at my friend's site I saw and got interested about this tag, that's why I grab it immediately. Thanks Cora for sharing this tag to all your friends. I love also to share this to all my friends in my list especially to Mymy my dearest friend in Davao. Just feel free to copy paste this tag and spell your name by using the letters below. Take care and have fun.

N: Easy to fall in love with
O: Best kisser ever
R: You love to kiss
M: Beautiful
A: Best Gf any one could have

Spell your name using these letters:

A: Best Gf or Bf any one could have
B: You love a certain someone
C: People cant help but check u out
D: You are really lovable
E: You Are Great
F: Easy to fall in love with
G: You never let people tell you what to do
H: You have a very good personality and good looks
I: People love you
J: People Adore you
K: You’re wild and crazy
M: Beautiful or Handsome
N: Easy to fall in love with
O: Best kisser ever
P: You are popular with all types of people
Q: You are a hypocrite
R: You love to kiss
S: You are freakin crazy
T: You are loyal to the ones you love
U: You really like to chill
V: your not judgmental
W: You are popular
X: You never let people tell you
Y: Sexiest bitch alive
Z: Never good enough…
I hope you enjoy the tag...



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