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Friday, November 21, 2008

Operation Mojo

Yesterday afternoon my sister and I went to Stone Road Mall and bought some gifts for Christmas. Shopping early before Christmas time is fun and enjoyable to avoid rush hour. You can easily buy anything you want and can select beautiful items for gifts without too much pressure.

When I came home, I immediately open my computer. While I was browsing the net I found this wonderful website It’s about Nat and Alex Wolf who become popular because of their talent. On November 22, Saturday night at around eight in the evening there will be a live chat with Nat & Alex Wolff as part of their new premiere called Operation Mojo.

Nat Wolf is the eldest, 13 years old and Alex Wolf is only 10 years old who love music and videos. Nat and Alex Wolff are the stars of Nickelodeon's hit show, also known as The Naked Brothers Band. Alex is a gifted drummer boy and Nat’s wonderful voice raised them to fame. Because of their original songs and videos, they have millions of fans worldwide.

You can also help Nat get his Mojo back by watching and sharing his you tube videos to your friends. If you are interested, visit the website and have fun.



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