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Friday, December 26, 2008

Medical Assistant

Hello friends! How's your Christmas celebration? About me here, I feel so happy today because I received a lots of gifts from my friends and family. Besides that it's boxing day, my friend and I went to Walmart this morning and I bought a new external hard drive, camera and many more. In the afternoon we went to the next city and I bought a white winter coat, pants and shoes.

When I returned home I was so tired that's why I give myself ample time to relax and rest. After a few hours my cousin Ana came and we talked about medical assistant program. According to her she wants to study medical assistant at St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants this coming school year 2009. It's the best Medical Assistant Schools online that provides proper education and best training to all medical assistants students. I'm happy for her decision. We all know that medical assistant is one of the fastest and highest demand profession in the field of medical career. Aside from that they also offer pharmacy technician program, dental assistant program, nursing assistant program and of course medical assistant program.

Well, if you feel that medical assistant is fit for you, just check out the website, feel free to enroll and be a good medical assistants student online.



simplymama said...

Happy New Year! Inday Norms, thank you sa emong mga messages and comments. Musta emong pasko?

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