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Friday, December 5, 2008

To Sit On Santa's Lap

As parents it is our desire to provide happiness and unforgettable experiences for our kids. Aside from buying those nutritious foods, comfortable clothes and beautiful toys not to mention latest computer games for Christmas, Kids sitting on Santa's lap is great and enjoyable experience for the kids and parents alike.

At the age of four my son's first experienced sitting Santa's lap happened at the mall. That's why every Christmas after we traveled back to the mall to have our son sit Santa's lap again. We always made sure his picture was taken and framed.

Christmas time is here again and my son is very eager to again sit on Santa's lap as in years past and he again asks me to go to the mall. But I told him that the weather is not good and I'm so busy with my work. We all know that going to the mall during winter season is difficult, very and can be dangerous and time consuming.

One day, one of my friend Ana told me about a cleaver and cute CEIVA digital photo frame that she has used with her kids pictures . According to her when they upload the photos, they got Santa's Lap video, on this unique CEIVA Digital Photo Frame and now this is how she views her kids on Santa lap .

When I returned home, I check out the website, I read the procedure on how to upload the photos. Wow how easy it was and what is really nice we have a chance to win a cash prize, of five hundred dollars per winner. If you are interested like me, feel free to visit the website, upload your photos and got a wish. Try now you won't be sorry!




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