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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Consumer Network

Hi! Good evening to everyone. I just arrived from work and immediately open my computer. While browsing the net, I found this very interesting website. It's a new and unique social consumer network that can makes us happy. It's great and have the fun while sharing our favorite stuff through pictures. All you have to do is to register new account, share some stuff you own or places you love and visited. It's so easy and fast to upload pictures.

You can also discuss topics, replies and visit other member's profile. Well, I got interested that is why I did not hesitate to sign up, create my account and upload my pictures. One of my picture was taken last first day of January 2009, during our New Year's party with friends and family. The name of the food is spring rolls, one of the most popular traditional Filipino dishes for Christmas gatherings, New Year, birthday and any special occasions. It's my favorite food, easy to prepare, you can made it in advance, frozen and fried just before being served. Most Filipinos keep it in the freezer not only for New Year but just if we have visitors unexpectedly and we can easily serve them quickly. Mostly we love to eat fried spring rolls with fingers or wrap them in a napkin and dip in a sauce. It's so delicious and once you taste it you really like it.

By the way, If you are interested with the blog pictures, feel free to check out the website and sign up for free.



Lynn said...

awards for u here ate norm...

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