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Friday, April 17, 2009

Fancy Dress

Hello to everyone! How are you there? About me here, I'm happy and fine. I just wanted to share about my niece who had a costumes party in her school last month. The teacher required them to wear costumes that are bright and reflective. They can also wear wigs, mask and accessories. Since her mommy was busy at work I volunteered myself to buy fancy dress for my niece. They offer different kinds of fancy dresses for adults, teen-agers and children. It's great because it covers everything from hats to footwear, wigs to shoes and also boots. What I like for my niece is the Tinkerbell child costume. She also likes the color cool green and the style of the costume. To those interested to buy fancy dresses just check out fancy-dress dot com and select the best that fits your needs.



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