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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Movie Time

I feel bored that's why I need to relax and play again the old DVD in my laptop. Well, to make my mood happy I played comedy movie entitled "MY BIG FAT LOVE". In the story it's not easy for Macky (Sam Milby) being fat and feel in love with a young socialite columnist named Nina (Kristine Hermosa). He has been her constant admirer and surprising her everytime with cakes and flowers. Everything is going well until she met Macky that made her shock when she sees Macky a 300 pound fat boy. Then comes Aira (Toni Gonzaga) a fitness instructor who knows how to motivate Macky of losing weight. Until they feel in love with each other. Two years had pass Macky is now the perfect guy and most sought bachelor in town. Unfortunately his heart belong to Nina but an untimely encounter with Aira reminds Macky his happy days with her. Now Macky has to choose who really is his big love, it is the woman he dream or the woman who love him unconditionally.



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