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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Crowd Control

Watching movie in my favorite cinema is my pastime during the weekend. My friend and I will met at the door and buy our own ticket. Sometimes we can not avoid the heavy crowd especially if the movie is popular. We need to be patient and wait for our turn to buy the ticket.

One day, I heard a lady shouting, mad and complain about the two people who did not follow the rules implemented in that cinema. In buying your ticket, you have to fall in line and wait for your turn. I can not blame the lady for shouting because she was right. You need to respect and follow the line carefully. Good thing there is a crowd control in that cinema so that the people will surely follow the line. It helps us to prevent any unwanted situations like riots and stampede.

Crowd control products are very useful in the bank, stores, concerts, school activities or anywhere that needs an orderly line. In my favorite cinema, they have a velvet rope in the counter side. People will surely follow the line and happy to wait for their turn. The management also are friendly and very cooperative. Sometimes they put a metal barriers or barricades to control the heavy crowd. It is very safe and secure.



Elvirah said...

Exactly, everywhere, at all stores or hall if this kinda of system of rope is followed, then crowd can be easily controlled.

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