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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seven Things

Tagged from Darlene again my pretty online blogger friend. Thanks jud Darl daghan man gud kaayo kag in-ani, wala man gud koy lingaw karon, pa share ha?...hehehehe,

Seven Characteristics That You Dislike the Most
* TH as in Trying Hard
* Arrogant person
* Great Pretender
* Hypocrites
* proudly
* Boastful
* Tupperware as in plastic

Seven Characteristics You Like the Most
* Loving
* Friendly
* Sweet
* Understanding
* Caring
* Kind
* Humble

Seven Important Things In Your Room
* Mirror
* Bed
* TV
* Cellphone
* Lamp
* All personal things

Seven Random Facts About You
* Sweet
* Friendly
* Loyal
* Simple
* Caring
* Generous
* Kind

Seven Things You Plan to Do Before You Die
* House and lot with cars both in Phil. and Canada
* Help my son to finish his studies
* Travel around the world with family
* Help my son to have a stable job
* Buy many farm land in the Phil.
* Have a business
* Help my relatives and friends in the Phil

Seven Things You Can Do
* Go to church every Sunday
* Shopping
* Cooking
* Cleaning
* Texting and calling my friends and family in the Phil.
* Chatting with friends and family in the Phil.
* Blogging

Seven Things You Can't Do
* Swimming
* Sky diving
* Can't sing in front of many people
* Can't play a piano
* Can't play a guitar
* Can't leave the house without lipstick
* Can't sleep if I have problem

Seven Things You Find Attractive in the Opposite Sex
* Being humble
* Respectful
* Sweet
* Simple
* Responsible
* Neat and Clean
* Intelligent

Seven Things You Say the Most
* Hello
* My God!
* Oh my God!
* What!
* Char...
* Sus oi!
* Ambot!

I am tagging Annie, Genny, Liza, Nancy, Jhoeman, Wendy, Tere And Glorie.



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