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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Which One Is The Best?

Got this tagged from sexy darlene. Thank you so much Darl nalingaw ko ug answer aning daghang tag....I'm tagging Wendy, Jhoeman and Emma for this...

1. Smart or Globe: Both smart and globe
2. ABS-CBN or GMA: Kapamilya sometimes Kapuso
3. Penshoppe or Bench: Both penshoppe and bench
4. Avon or Personal Collection: Avon of course...sikat yan sa amin
5. Sony Ericsson or Nokia cellphone: Nokia model 6103
6. Tweety Bird or Hello Kitty: Tweety Bird
7. Sony or JVC TV: My tv in my room now is JVC but I have Sony in the Phils too
8. Lee or Guess Jeans: I like both Lee and Guess
9. Sketchers or Merell Shoes: Sketchers
10. Swatch or Rolex watch: None coz I use sieko5



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