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Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Godchildren

Tag from sweet Prettylife! thanks to you friend and sorry for the delay and pass this to Mabelle, Marvin, Mafe, Jhona and Wheng.

This meme was created to remind us “Ninongs” and “Ninangs” the number of our godchildren and our responsibility towards them as they grow and mature as better Christians. Here are the rules:

* List all the names of your godchildren*
*Tag at least 5 bloggers *
* Update the Tag Train*

My godchildren:

Alma, Neco, Dondon

The Tag Train Started Here - Bluepanjeet - Joy - Scarty - Yen - Peachy - Jenny - Denz - Eds - Jhona Nova - Pretty Life OnLine, Norm and "You" {you put your link here}



Mabelle said...

k i will do this tag.thanks so much.

ayan mahibalan na nga daghan kog kinugos pero wala hatag gift :D. ulaw pud wla ikatag woi.

nwys, thanks for all ur comments.

Pretty Life Online said...

hehehe kakasagot ko lang nito yesterday girl!!! hahaha at tag din kita ... Merry xmas! cge add mo c sister "simple."

Mabelle said...

about sa boungon, akong gihiwa kay ingon ani man daw na kanon diri,hehehe!sa ato kay panitan man di ba?:D

dli aslum oi.yam-is, dli masabot.humot hinoon!lami jud tong among boungon oi.mingaw na kog kaon samtang nagkatkat sa pono-an,hehehe!

sa una kay tong2x atop while magkaon,hehehe!

oi mangaon d i ta,naa pa koy usa nahibilin diri :D.

TEEBOB said...

merry christmas norm

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