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Sunday, December 23, 2007

What do my stars say about me

A nice tagged from Cecil! thank you friend for remembering me always. You know what! I agree with all this good qualities here, concise and fitted to me. Since this is a tag surely pass this meme to my friends online Carlota, Mabelle, Prettylife, Bless, Amy, Ladynred, Jennie, Juliana, Lucel, Rosemarie and Brian.

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gLoR!e said...

Merry Christmas!:) I am here now..:)

Anonymous said...

I must pay attention with Libra! hahah i like the characteristics because me also I am a fun loving person!

Amy said...

hi norms, i'm libra too! apirrr ta * bi.. hehehe* ako nya ning ipapilit sa akong blog kon makalugar ko :)

Merry christmas to you & family! enjoy the holiday season..

Pretty Life Online said...

thanks again girl!!!! Happy holidays!

Pretty Life Online said...

pretty girl! I have also an award for you... please do visit my blog... thank you so much!

My World said...

thanks norms, grabbing it now.

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