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Monday, December 17, 2007

Thanks To You

I would like to to say thank you to my dearest friend Carlota for an excellent renovation to my blog. Absolutely yes! I really really love my pink site now so perfect talaga. You're really great, so talented and your good deed was really appreciated. Thank you so much for being a wonderful, fabulous friend and a helping hands that always ready to help. I feel so bless to have a friend like you and I knew words is not enough to say thanks to you my friend but for now I'm so happy because you gave so much time and effort to modified my blog. God will take good care of you. And to all my friends online vote for CARLOTAONLINE, she's nominated for Filipino blog of the week just click here and vote. Thanks for all your support and Merry Christmas.



Pretty Life Online said...

girl! like it hehehe cool siya... bago mag bagong taon new look ang house mo hehehe ... tag for you again hahahaha visit my site girl. Thanks for always being there norms!!!

Carlota said...

You are so welcome. Glad you like it. Have a rgeat week.

""rare jonRez"" said...

wow this is nice Norms! cge, ma-click nga tong blog ng friend mo at mai-vote na rin! hehe...

musta dyan? lamig na lamig ba? i bet!!! ingat and happy holidays to u all out there!

Amy said...

wow, ka guapa sa imong blog dae norms! big bravo to ms carlotz :)

Mabelle said...

ka nice sa bulak. anyways, ma aprob lagi ka didto nga website :D. if makasign up na ka, just try to check it everyday kay mokalit ra mana silag hatag ug opps.

oi ka nice anang laptop oi.pwede madala bisan asa :D. pero sige lang ug pc gud nga kanang imong gigamit. basta pwedeng mogamit ug pwede maka internet, ok na. ako gani kay karaan na ni.palong lang iyaha bisan dli palongon.usahay ongot ang cursor.pero antos lang basta lang ko makablogging :D.hehehe.diversion sa life ba aron dli kaayo mingaw intawon :D.

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