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Sunday, December 16, 2007

True Blue Award and Friends/Sister Week Award

I would like to say thank you to my precious friend bless who gave me this true blue award. Even if I have this already, still I'm so happy to post this again just for you and just to let you know that I'm your true blogger friend and will always stand by you. Real friends must be cherished beyond all worldly measures and shine brighter than gold and last longer than diamonds. So again, thank you and God bless. Just this day Noel tagged me again this true blue award and thanks to you friend. Happy 34th birthday and I wish your good health and happiness in life.
A big thanks to my friends Butchay and Juliana who shared this cute award and love to pass this to Bless, Amy, Juliana, Prettylife, Losel, Lucel , Brian , Noel and Teebob.



Pretty Life Online said...

hi! thanks for the award... aba nag ayos tau ng haus hehehehe ganda girly ang dating... mind if ask you paano magawang mag scroll down yong sa mga co-bloggers name hehehe

jennyr said...

i'm giving this away to all in my blogroll too pero I was too late to let u know,hehehe!

Amy said...

dae norms, dia ako ng gipingwit ang cute doggy.. hehehe* tenk u ha:)

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