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Friday, January 18, 2008

Blogging Buddies, Forever Friends and Love Blogs Award

Thank you so much Chikai, Denz and Amy for this cute Best Blogging Buddies Award. And also I got this Forever Friends Award with The Love Blogs Award from sexy Amy. Thank you also to Esther from Canada for sharing me again this 3 awards. Now it's my turn to pass these 3 awards to Tessa, Lotis, Tere, Gina, Summer, Tina, Juliana, Pam, Brian, Lira, Butchay, Rich, Cecil, Carolyn, Gracie, Mabelle, Colin, Hanna, Prettylife, Raquel, Apexjess, Lisa, Jaja, Apple, Avee,Diwata, Jennifer, Sexymom Rechel and Rickavieves.

For me, forever friends share in good times as well as the bad times. A friends who smile at you because they like your face, loves to share and have fun with you, understand you without any words, always stay beside you if you are sad, comfort your fears, gives you hope, listen to you, share you in times of laughters, joys, triumphs, successes that bring happiness to you, encourage you, pray for you, supports you, talk to you, glad when you're happy, care for you when you are sad and always willing to lend a helping hand.

While, blog for me is the special ingredients brought to my life. All the special memories of moments, journey of life that I love to recall are here in this blog. It is a combination of hard work, have many opportunities to make money, needs readiness, alertness and timing. When opportunity comes you have to grab it immediately otherwise it will goes to somebody else, hehehe. So we must love our blogs before anything else.

( Pahabol: Ako ning giisa kay busy ako beauty ha pwede sad ninyo bulag-bulagon ni )



Raquel said...

Hala ka oi, after reading the meaning of these awards, it made my heart melts. He-he...drama Raquel! Bitaw, salamat kaayo aning awards ha, I will post this later pag hindi na busy Norms ha. Thank you very much Norms, I appreciate your time for linking those bloggers you've been awarded.

HANNA said...

Hey Lady!
Which award I can grab?
Grazie tante!

apexjess said...

thank you norms for the awards hehehe

Pretty Life Online said...

hehehe thanks friend kunin ko mmya nalang ha i'll be back! Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

norms, Congrats kanimo dae! mana ko botar sa kang joy ganiha. wink*

btw, i'm glad that you like the awards. sakto jud na imo sulti na abtikay jud og timing aron ka "pingwit" og dakung isda. hehehe*

gagiers said...

hi norm, sus salamat jud kaayo sa 3 awards..sus, very touching kaayo imong msg oi...i will do it right so proud to recieved this awards...

norm dont worry, nagsigi tawn ko ug vote nimo...goodluck!

JOY said...

Hi Norms..Salamat talaga sa pa ngampanya para sakin ha. Naiiyak naman ako sa ginagawa mo. No wonder you got a loads of friends. Si Technojavi gani looy man pud kay walay vote..ako raman tali tig boto niya.di pud siya active no?Happy Sunday Norms?

rickavieves said...

maraming salamat rin :) for this award,
nakalimutan kong igrab kagabi, ipost ko na lang ito mamaya friend. :-)
happy sunday!

Anonymous said...

Norm Congratulations on your awards and thank you so very much for passing these on to my humble blog and in such illustrious company too :)
Sorry I haven't been on but my ISP messed up my modem and cable connection, managed to vote for you using my mobile LOL

retchel said...

hi norms salamat sa award ha..

Maria Justine said...

thanks for the awards ate norms :)

Tere said...

wow nindot kaau kay nabasln sad ko duha pa jud ka awards! naa na pud ko atong best blogging norms pero salamat gihapon ug giapil ko nimo! labaw na sa forever friends award kay touching kaau. salamt sa imo friendship norms maski online lang ta nagkita.

take care and see you around! :)

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