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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hello Friends!

Hi hello to all my friends online its weekend again a time to feel relax and enjoy the weekend. I am so surprise today because I am nominated for Filipino Blog of the Week90. I would like to ask your help to please vote for me click here then check my box ladynorms and then vote. Thank you so much for the support.



Pretty Life Online said...

Hi sweetie girl! Happy Weekend!

Raquel said...

Norms, humana kog botar. Ikaw leading didto. Ayaw kumpyansa ni Carlota, h-ah0a kay basin lumbaan ka.

jennyr said...

congrats Norms! Ako na iclick inig human nko post aning comment. Naa diay koy tag nimo in this link!

HANNA said...

I'v tagged you on the meme resolution:

Josh of Arabia said...

Hello Madam,

Canada, hope to be there wd my bros and sis soon..all d best sa nomination.. xlink po tayo :)

Nance said...

i've voted for you and you, my friend is leadinggggg! good luck!

theworkingmom said...

Hi, voted for you today! Looks like you're on top right now! Congrats!

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