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Sunday, January 6, 2008

The World Award

I got this nice Bloggers of 2007 and 2008 The World Award from Colin and Jesie my friends online. Thank you so much friend and I'll pass this to all my friends online. And plzzz don't forget to vote me ladynorms here I am nominated for Filipino Blog of the Week. Thank you so much for the support...



Snap Catch said...

hello girl voted you again hehehe... done with the tag in my other blog... please add me too..... thanks its me prettylifeonline

Raquel said...

Hi Norms, ning botar na ko. Mo botar na pod ko today kay over 24 hours naman, puede na cguro ron.

Btw, salamat sa imong mga comments sa akong anak ha. Kato imogn message sa akong tagboard ba, I think you were right. Kini akong RaquelPM wala, wala jud na ko na gi open for public, pirmi lang ko ga join sa Wordless Wed og mo comment, nah nagka PR 3 na ko maski walay ga link ana nga blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Norm,
Been and voted for you :D
Will get the word out to some friends and get them to do the same.
Good luck, see what we can do :D
Have a great day,

chad said...

i voted you already.. good luck! :-) lets echange links.. :-)

Chubby said...

Hi Ladynorms, I have voted na. Good luck, sana manalo ka. Btw, mind of exchange links?


HANNA said...

Lady Norm I'v voted for you, and you vote for my:

Thnks ;D

Anonymous said...

Hi Norm,
All sorted and getting others to join too :)
Hope you will click on Hanna's link and vote for her too :)
Have a great day my friend,


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