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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Search For Look Of The Year

Good news to everyone who loves to join beauty contest. If you are young and beautiful, now its your time to shine try to visit at and join search for Look Of The Year, an online beauty contest world wide. You will be judge by an online votes and can win instant $ 10,000 USD. Even if you don't win you still have the chance to be discovered by model agencies and become a famous model. So, ladies what are you waiting for try to log on at and join now.



SnapCatch said...

interesting one! hmmmmmm join tau girl!!!! LOL! musta na you?

Mabelle said...

thank you gihapon ko oi kay ila man ko gitagaan ug pr for several ok ok na pud to.hehehe.sila mana magboot kay la mana system.wa koy mahimz ba.

salamat d i sa bisita sa akong beautyeverlasting oi.ayo na lang naa koy site nga ang ngalan beauty.sukwahi sa akong nawong.harharhar!have a nice day!

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