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Thursday, July 3, 2008

One More Thing

My heartfelt thanks to my sweet friend Eds for sharing me this short but interesting tag. Well, its so easy and quick to answer because I only need to answer one and nothing else. I would love to pass this tag to my bestfriend Wincel, my sister Agring and to all my friends in blogging who are interested to grab this tag, sure you can with my permission. God bless you all and take care always.

List ONE of each. ONLY one. Nothing else!

Pet Peeve: No one
Favorite Candy: Chocolates

Biggest Fear: No job
Biggest Challenge: Travel alone
Favorite Department Store: NCCC mall
Most Used Word: Oh My God!
Favorite Pizza Topping: meatballs
Favorite Cartoon Character: Spongebob
Movie Recently Watched: The Big Fat
Favorite Fruit: Strawberry as of now
Favorite Vegetable: Broccoli



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